Furnace trouble on vacation

My wife and I try to take a nice vacation each year. We are constantly busy with day-to-day activities, but we need to spend time together to revitalize our love and passion. This year, we decided to attend an outdoor Music Festival. The outdoor Music Festival was held in the middle of the desert, and my wife and I decided to take our RV. We drove 14 hours across the country to attend the outdoor Music Festival. The truck drove nicely, and we actually got pretty good gas mileage. Even though we were hauling our 5000 pound RV, the truck drove really well. While my wife and I were away on vacation, we left our son to watch the house. He still lives at home, but he sleeps in a small apartment above the garage. It’s nice to have him close, and he still pays rent and buys his own food. When my wife and I are on vacation, Tim always checks on the house, waters the plants, and feeds the birds. On our second day of the trip, Tim called to tell us the furnace wasn’t heating. Tim went to the house to feed the birds, and the house was cold and frigid. Tim check the thermostat, and the heat should have been working. Tim tried everything possible, but it seemed like the furnace was broken. My wife and I couldn’t do anything from 1500 miles away. We contacted a furnace repair company in town, and asked if they could help us with our peculiar situation. They offered to check on the problem, as long as we paid for the repair with a credit card. Since Tim was over 18, he could sign for the repair.

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