Furnace Filters For Sale At The Warehouse

I live in an industrial area of the city.

  • There are all kinds of factories and warehouses all over the place.

This can kind of get boring after a little while, but sometimes they have benefits. For instance, this one warehouse that stocks heating and air conditioning equipment for several local heating and cooling companies was having furnace filters for sale to the general public. It seemed as if they had a large overstock of furnace filters, and the heating and air conditioning companies that they belonged to told the warehouse to try to get rid of them by selling the furnace filters. When I heard about this happening, I pretty much rushed right down to that warehouse. Furnace filters are not cheap by any means. And, the warehouse was selling the furnace filters for a little more than half off the price that you would pay in a basic HVAC supplier shop or hardware store. I could not pass this chance up to get some furnace filters for dirt cheap. Last year alone, I must have spent over one hundred dollars on furnace filters. My furnace seems to go through the filters like they’re candy. I don’t know why, but an HVAC specialist told me once during a furnace tune up that because my furnace is an older one, they happen to go through furnace filters a lot faster. Something to do with the way they were built in the old days. All I do know is, that I was jumping for joy getting almost a full year’s supply of furnace filters for next to nothing!

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