Frustration of missed call

Have you ever missed an important call and tried desperately to reach the other person? Life can be very frustrating when trying to get everything accomplished. I work over sixty hours a week and I can never get any time off.  My boss insists that we can’t afford to lose the man hours or to hire another person. Needless to say, when I am home, sleep is important. Small things like maintenance appointments need to be scheduled during the few hours I have available.  When our HVAC dealer sent me a letter saying that they hadn’t been able to schedule our tune up, I was really concerned. I called right away, but they were closed. I left a message,they called while I was at work and left a message too. This went on for nearly a week with each of us trying to reach the other. Finally, out of sheer frustration, I headed down to their company store to make the appointment in person.  I headed there right after I got off work at eight in the morning. I had to wait in the parking lot until they got there. I made the appointment for that very morning and didn’t even care if I needed to pay an extra charge for fast service. I just wanted the system checked and to get some sleep. Once the HVAC system was completely checked out I knew that it would be working when I needed it. As crazy as my schedule is, I know importance of having this done on a yearly basis.  I hope you do too.

HVAC appointment