Frozen air conditioner seems to be stuck in an endless loop

I love my wife more than life itself, but adjusting to some of her habits has been an ongoing learning experience.  I’ll admit, I always kept my apartments like I did with my dorm rooms in college—cluttered, chaotic, and with minimal if any artistic design whatsoever.  My wife is an artist so one of the first things I noticed about her apartment when I met her was the attention to detail given to the artwork she had scattered throughout and how everything fit a common theme despite everything being a unique piece.  When we bought our first house together, it took some time getting used to the new visual aesthetic, but I love it now. We even incorporated sensual mood lighting with a remote control. But the one thing I still can’t adjust to with my wife’s behavior is where she wants the air conditioner set each day.  No matter what the weather is like outside, she wants the temperature to be 70 degrees or colder at all times. When the machine kept cycling last Tuesday and was steadily rising in temperature throughout the house, I immediately called my HVAC technician. They explained that running the machine so much causes the coils to freeze over preventing the water evaporation process that makes the air passing through the coils cold.  If they freeze over, the machine keeps running endlessly because it can’t reach the temperature on the thermostat. And since it keeps running, no time is given for the coils to naturally defrost leading to an endless loop that soon causes hairline cracks. These cracks can leak coolant, which can also lead to more coil freeze-ups if there is insufficient refrigerant available to cool the air. I think my wife and I will need to find a more reasonable temperature to keep our house at rather than 70 degrees.