Fresh smelling homes

When my husband, John and I built our new house, we invested in modern appliances. We spent a lot to take advantage of an Energy Star rated furnace, air conditioner, water heater, and washing and drying machine. We also realized that without proper upkeep, these appliances would fail to live up to potential.  Following the recommendation of the HVAC contractor, we invested in a residential automation system. This new technology provides remote access, allowing me to control all manner of appliances and lighting with a tap of my finger on my smartphone or laptop. I can check to make sure my husband turned off the coffee pot, and that he locked the door on his way out, and also adjust the thermostat setting to conserve energy.  Not only have I cut down monthly utility bills, but I’ve prevented wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner. Because of dutiful notifications, I keep up with air filter changes and maintenance essentials, which causes superior heating/cooling system reliability and extended service life. In addition, my family never comes back to a house that is overheated or overly cold. Although it takes awhile for the indoor temperature to adjust, the automation system does this. Aware of our preferences, the smart thermostat manages the furnace and air conditioner for greatest efficiency and comfort. If there’s an issue or system failure, it will always notify the local HVAC contractor.  Plus, I can lock and unlock the doors, and am able to let in a repairman.

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