Fresh air quality – Heat Return Vent

If you’re anything care about me you truly care about getting out into nature & experiencing all of the beauty that it has to offer.

I’m not only talking about looking around & seeing the gorgeous trees & rocks all around. I’m talking about enjoying it with all of your senses, and obviously the sounds of nature are severely calming & peaceful, such as rainfall or a babbling brook, then but all of us should also talk about the guess & smell of the air when you’re in The Great Outdoors. I don’t guess enough people care about the natural ventilation as much as they should. There’s nothing that I care about more than waking up early & going on it quick hike up our local mountain. As soon as I get outside & fill our lungs with the fresh & cool air of Summer afternoons I guess amazing about life. There’s just nothing care about it, especially when we’re talking about the air quality that you experienced inside in the summer. In comparison, there is no doubt that the outdoor air is much healthier for you. What am I talking about? I’m talking about how stale & stagnant your air conditioned air is. When you spend the entire Summer pumping AC into your home, eventually the air gets stale. There isn’tany exchange of indoor air for fresh outdoor air, so you just cycle the same treated air through your lake house day after day, and recently I was truly glad to learn about heat return vents. They work to circumvent this stale indoor air issue. The purpose of the heat return vent, or HRV, is to update the volume of indoor air with outdoor air. This way your lake house will never get so stale that you forget what fresh mountain air even feels like.

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