Freaking out over the gas furnace

There are times when our gas furnace is so loud and it makes so many noises that I think there is someone in the house.

Our son is only seven years old and he thinks we have ghosts.

I try to explain to him that it is just the HVAC system but he is still a bit too young to understand. I tried cleaning the HVAC system and I checked to see if there was anything loose, but I’m not a HVAC technician. I talked to someone at the HVAC company just the other day, but no one has come to the house yet. I know that if I had heard these kinds of sounds coming from the HVAC, I would be scared stupid. I would probably be hiding under the covers or sneaking into my parents room every night. I know that I need to do something and I am afraid to push the HVAC company because I know they will tell me I need a new furnace. I’m afraid if I push it I’ll be charged for the service call and then I’ll be charged for someone to come out help me pick out a new furnace. Maybe I will just call them and tell the HVAC tech that my furnace is over twenty years old and I need a new one. I don’t want a gas furnace this time, but I want to know what else is available. Then I will also tell them that I want a furnace that is compatible with a Smart Thermostat. If I am going to be put in the new system, I may as well upgrade the thermostat at the same time.

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