Foreign cars

When I was a young child, our friend Mike was stationed overseas in Japan. All of us spent 6 years at that country, and I have a unbelievable deal of attractive memories from that point in time.. I typically remember our friend Mike driving around in the area with his Nissan Presidente. When both of us left to go back to the States, our friend Mike decided to sell the Nissan Presidente instead of having it brought back with him. My friend Mike passed away a couple of years ago, and I keep thinking about that cool Nissan Presidente. I started looking around, to see if there was any way that I could buy one for me to have. Unfortunately, the Nissan Presidente is a truck that must be imported from the Japanese domestic Market. I’ve learned a lot about the Japanese domestic Market over the past 6 months now, while doing research to find this particular  truck. Then I met with a JDM importer. They have to Nissan presidente, a couple of Toyota Supra turbo, and they even can get their hands on some old Mazdas. Luckily, all of these trucks are older than 25 years. This means they can enter the states through the 25-year exception plan. Many of the vehicles that are given from other countries, do not meet our safety standards. Any automobile older than 25 years, does not need to meet these same safety codes. This as known as the 25-year exemption code.

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