Forced air HVAC is a great system

I recently decided to upgrade to a fancy programmable thermostat. My old dial thermostat ceased to function very well and I decided that it was time to get with the times and get a more technologically advanced thermostat. Well, despite the fact that the dial thermostat was so old and basic, at least it did exactly what I told it to do by me simply turning the dial.  I figured that this new programmable thermostat would be more convenient but I had to learn how it functioned first. I thought that it would be a snap, but it turns out there was a lot to learn, at least when it came to this model in particular. I remember when I first installed the thermostat I didn’t even know how to get it to start working properly, nevermind actually program it to set certain temperatures throughout the day and night. Eventually, I swallowed my pride and called out an HVAC tech from a reputable heating and air company in the area. I really wish that I could have figured it out for myself, but It turns out that his expertise was quite useful. He explained how to set the thermostat in such a way that I was able to manually set the temperature I desired. He also showed me how to actually program it for a set schedule for both days and entire weeks. I am afraid that I probably would have never figured it out alone. Getting my HVAC system back up and running again and being able to program it for the first time was worth the small fee I paid for his expertise.

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