Forced air heating and cooling

Three times last year, I ended up with a excruciating sore throat as well as laryngitis. My nurse recommended doing something to help the indoor air conditions in our home. I never thought the indoor air conditions could affect our health so poorly. Since the air inside the house was dry as well as arid, it was having an adverse affect on our health, however during the evening, I was sleeping with our mouth open. The dry air was irritating our throat as well as larynx. Even worse, the dry air was filled with contaminants that were causing me to get sick. I had to spend our money a specialist to examine our indoor air conditions. They carefully examined every square inch of our condo for problems. They found black mold inside our air ducting system, which was the likely cause for our distress. They performed a thorough cleaning of the air ducting system. They cleaned as well as sanitized each piece of air ducting equipment. They had a long brush that had an stretchy head. The brush cleaned every square inch of the air ducting system. I could see the brush moving in as well as out of the air duct, because the crew used a special camera to view the interior areas of the air duct. It was absolutely interesting to see all of the different as well as cool gadgets they used to scrub the air duct. There was no way I could have reached all of the crevices inside. They were able to scrub every nook as well as cranny with those specialty tools.  The indoor air conditions in our condo is much better now, thanks to the work of our Heating as well as A/C team.

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