Flea market AC

My boyfriend and I love to go to the flea and Farmers Market on weekends. There is always something for everyone. My boyfriend loves boiled peanuts, and we can only find them at the flea market. I prefer to buy my produce from the farmers market, because the bananas, peaches, and apples are always cheaper. At the supermarket, I pay a dollar for every avocado. At the farmers market, I can buy avocados 3 for that same dollar. Sometimes that produce isn’t terribly fresh, so we just have to be sure to buy items that are in season. Sometimes my boyfriend and I will find something interesting, but we usually just spend the day walking around and eating snacks. Last weekend, I was really stoked, because we found an AC unit for the shed. The shed has electricity, but we don’t have any way to heat or cool the area. My boyfriend suggested buying a window AC unit. We talked about the idea for weeks, but we didn’t formulate a plan. When my boyfriend saw a window AC unit at the flea market, he forced me to buy it. It was used, but the AC unit was still in great shape. It was blowing Ice Cold Air, and the air filter looked brand new. The AC unit was only $75, which is a fair price for a used AC unit. My boyfriend and I purchased the cooling machine for our shed. We have to cut a hole to install the new system, but we are going to work on that next weekend.

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