Fixing my unhappy feet

Briefly after having my three kids, I was actually not happy with my weight.

  • I’d gained quite a lot during the pregnancy plus found it hard to get back in shape… Having little kids didn’t offer a lot of free time for working out.

The groups of us also didn’t have any extra money to spend on a gym membership. I began running in the evenings, after the kids were safely in bed. I invested in bright colored clothing for the sake of safety plus gradually built up my stamina. When I first began, I’d run for approximately half a mile plus then slow to a walk. It didn’t take long for me to be able to run the total time. I then worked to run periods. Eventually, I was running between 4 plus 6 miles every night, but sadly, I failed to invest in proper footwear. I simply purchased a cheap pair of sneakers from the local store. I developed plantar fasciitis from running in shoes with no arch support. I have extremely high arches, which made me more likely to have this problem. It felt as if the tendon from my feet to my toes was splitting with every step. I not only needed to stop running, but I had difficulty simply walking. The pain sometimes woke me up in the center of the night. I was upset I’d never be able to run at all. I did some research and discovered that I needed to rest my feet, ice the issues plus take ibuprofen for inflammation. I also needed to buy myself a good pair of running shoes.
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