Fixing and replacing

My cousin call the other day day to invite me for a visit. She said that she had been checking the weather reports and felt sorry for me.  You see, we have had a very bad winter in our area and we are still getting snowstorms late into the month of March. Meanwhile, where she lives, everything is in bloom and they have daytime highs in the mid 70’s.  I told her that I would love to come but I needed to stay home and monitor my HVAC system. It has been having issues off and on all winter and I was afraid that if I was out of town, it may break and cause significant damage.  She asked me if I had called an HVAC dealer and I explained that, although I had a few estimates for repairs, I couldn’t afford them at this time. Instead, I was babying the system and Praying that it lasted the rest of the winter. I would be getting a large tax return and planned on using it to fix or replace the failing system. My cousin felt bad that I was unable to visit but understood completely.  I told her that if things changed I would definitely plan on taking a trip. I would love nothing more than to spend a few days in seventy degree weather and soak up some of the sunshine. We have had months in the twenties and thirties and I am just over it. My HVAC system must come first because if I am unable to fix it, I will be sweltering in the summer months too.

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