Fishing Nightmare

When you think about some of the favorite pastimes  in our country, or any country for that matter, fishing comes to mind.  In some areas of the world this is still a valuable income source, but for most of us, it is a way to relax on a lazy afternoon.  Whether you like deep sea fishing or standing on the shore of your favorite lake or stream, anyone can enjoy this sport and a yummy dinner if you are successful that day.  For most people this sport is associated with warmth and sunshine as well. For people in our area, there is a very different view of the activity. This is because many have invested heavily in equipment to allow them to sit on the ice for the entire day.  Ice fishing takes a special person in my opinion. The idea of sitting in a small hut, huddled over a hole in the ice and hoping to catch a fish sounds like torture. I have read where you can even rent an ice fishing cabin and sleep out on the ice too. These cabins, however, have a heat source that is fueled by propane and you can simply open a hatch in the floor and fish right from the comfort of your living space.  Still, the whole idea bothers me. What if the ice cracks? This may be a paranoid way of thinking but the whole idea just seems cold and a nightmare to me. I will wait for summer when I can stretch out on the banks of the lake and soak in the warmth of the sun before I head out with my poles.

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