Fish tanks need heat

Many years ago, my husband and I several fish tanks in our home.  We were growing corals, live rock and seahorse, then selling them to pet store.  I had 180 gallon fish tank in the kitchen that had corals of every color. We had anemones in a 130 gallon tank in the living room.  There were carpet anemones, bubble corals and starfishes, plus the clown fish who live in the anemones. We had the 75 gallon tank in our bedroom where we kept the seahorses.  The live rock was produced in the basement. There was also a tank that had a little bit of everything, plus the fish, in the dining room, that was the focal point for all of our guests.  We loved working with the fish and corals, and it became a calming hobby for my husband and I. We had heaters in all of the tanks. We had to keep the temperature different for each tank.  There were thermostats to regulate the tanks and make sure they never got too hot or too cool. The thermostat had a very slim margin for the heaters. There was only a five degree allowance in temperature in one of the tanks.  The lights were strong for the coral, and it heated our rooms. When the fish tanks were running, we didn’t need much heat until winter arrived. When we had our fire, everything was destroyed. My husband had his heart broken to see all of our work and passion, destroyed.  He enjoyed watching his thriving SCES and we never rebuilt our menagerie.