First rule of event planning – expect the unexpected

A few months ago I left my old office job and set out on my own creating an event planning business.

For many years, I have been privately helping my friends and family to plan the biggest events in their lives, and I really enjoy the activity each time.

I seem to have a natural knack for managing people, vendors, and locations. I am extremely detail-oriented and there aren’t many things that slip through the cracks when I’m thinking about a major event. I have everything perfectly arranged and planned out months ahead of the big day, and I continually check in and make adjustments as necessary while the day is approaching. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned while event planning, it’s that you should always expect the unexpected. I might be over-prepared, but that keeps my customers happy. For instance, there isn’t a single event that I plan that won’t include several air quality control back ups. I will never fully rely on a venue’s central heating or cooling system when it comes to my big event. I have had too many air conditioning units and furnaces breakdown on the day of the wedding to expect air quality genius from any church or hotel. I always travel with my own backup air handling devices. Before any event, I’m loading up my trailer with space heaters and portable air conditioning units. On the way to the party, I’ve already called my contracted HVAC technician and alerted them that they are on-call for emergency repairs. If I’m planning your event, there’s no chance of temperature drama – I know your guests will take care of that for you.


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