Fireplace needs some wood

More than a few months ago, my partner was in a serious accident that left him with a discernible back injury. We were lucky that he was not hurt more seriously, because he was pinned against a sizeable metal equipment for several hours. The accident could have been bad enough to kill a man, along with the fact that the two of us know how lucky we can be. My guy doesn’t let this accident stop him from doing the things that he loves. Last weekend, he was ready to go to the woods as well as tackle the problem of not having wood for our furnace. Since what is the main Heating fuel source for our Victorian Mansion, the two of us knew it was more than important to bring a lot of wood up to the house. I gave him a hard time about going to do all of this work with a sore back, along with he then was miserable to talk to me for days and days. I helped him fill up a truck load of wood for the furnace along with the two of us spent some time together cutting all of the logs. All of the pieces fit nicely on the porch in our wood holder. My guy was seemingly upset for a couple of days, but I think he was happy to have some help with this strenuous activity. Cutting wood for our fireplace doesn’t have to be a job that only one person can do. The two of us can tackle the job together and provide the right amount of fuel source for our fireplace.

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