Fireplace is the best

I genuinely don’t mind my furnace.

I prefer my furnace.

I like that I have constant heat that I never have to worry about. My furnace runs constantly, in addition to I can constantly call a Heating, Ventilation & A/C serviceman to have them repair my furnace if it isn’t running properly. I like that I don’t have to kindle a fire every morning, in addition to I also prefer not having to chop wood constantly. However, I say that all with a hint of regret. Most of my fondest memories while in childhood were appreciated around a fireplace, not a furnace; Furnaces can never create the ambiance that a fireplace creates. The radiant heat of a fire dancing before your eyes cannot compare to the forced air from a vent put off by your furnace. I remember laughing, crying, in addition to talking around my fireplace. I remember enjoying my dad repair our fireplace a few times, in addition to thinking that he was the coolest dad in the world. When all of us changed our fireplace out for a furnace, all of us no longer spent as much time in the study room. Every room in our new home was sizzling with a furnace. And my dad was no longer able to repair the furnace, which means that all of us had to hire a Heating, Ventilation & A/C serviceman. Kids this week will never know what it is like to sneak out with their dad in the morning in addition to watch him build the fire. I remember when he taught myself and others how to build a fire. Now, all I have to do is adjust the thermostat in addition to wait for the furnace to kick on.

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