Finding a great Heating plus Air Conditioning tech – send our daughter down

If there’s a single thing that I won’t tolerate in our home, it’s being disrespected, then one of the most disrespectful things I can guess of is being lied to.

That’s why I am pretty certain when it comes to the maintenance professionals that I invite onto our property. When I have current appliances delivered plus installed, I do not let them send any ancient Joe Schmo out to our house. I do not want some weirdo checking things out, casing the location, plus lying to our face on top of it. The same goes for major projects such as having the trees trimmed or the roof upgraded. I am not pleased to take online reviews as reputable facts. I need to think that these supposed professionals are the real deal before I am going to trust them with our family or our belongings. That’s why I’ve established the best plan monitors for determining whether or not heating plus cooling servicemans are qualified. It’s pretty easy… I just send our teenage daughter to talk to them, then first of all, she has no plan what Heating plus Cooling appliances are. She knows that she touches the temperature control, plus the air magically gets hotter or cooler inside of the house. She has no clue how that a/c works, what a forced air furnace is, or how the treated air is delivered to several air vents in the house. When I send her down to talk to the servicemans, she is generally already dressed in something skimpy plus inappropriate. She goes plus chats up with the servicemans while they work, plus I listen in on the responses that they provided. If the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman gives her dishonest answers plus tries to upsell fancy air handling unit through our daughter, I am going to find a current Heating plus Air Conditioning business to use. If the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman is distracted plus trying to hit on our daughter, he can get out of our apartment before I kick his ass.
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