Finally finding the perfect job

After I graduated high school I wasn’t sure what ┬ámy next stop in life was. I was planning on playing college football, but I ended up getting one too many injuries so that was out of the picture. I always loved The idea of problem solving and helping people, but I wasn’t sure what type of field about I could do those things. then one day while I was in the lunchroom with my friends, I noticed that my school was having a job fair. It was two weeks before graduation, and it seemed they were making a last ditch effort to get the seniors some leads on their future plans. I thought I’d stop by just to check it out and kill some time between classes I ended up talking to this nice guy who worked at a local HVAC company. he was walking in through with a normal day of an HVAC repair Tech was like, and to my surprise it really sounded interesting. You weren’t stuck in an office working in the same nine-to-five grind everyday, and you are helping people in very important situations. not only that, but he told me that all HVAC techs are always getting massive discounts on all of the latest and greatest HVAC units and gadgets, which sounded pretty cool to me. I ended up filling out a paper on the desk about was for potential apprenticeships, and after graduation I have started on my path towards becoming a certified HVAC repairman. the job sure does come with some problems like all jobs do, but I don’t think I could be any happier than I am working my way towards becoming a certified repairman.

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