Filter changing made a big change

I was having a pretty rough time with our central heating, ventilation and A/C unit the last few months, for some reason it was not running certainly well, and the thing took about an third to heat or cool the home.

  • Then on top of that, it was entirely loud and making other noises! I had thought that maybe our heating, ventilation and A/C unit had seen its day and I was going to have to invest in a brand current Heating and Air Conditioning system; However, when I called the heating and cooling supplier to send a certified heating, ventilation and A/C specialist out to check on the issue and give me some answers, they told me something I entirely didn’t guess about.

They asked me when was the last time I changed our air filter. It had been a few months from what I recall, however so they told me to go and change the air filter instantly, try it out and if the central heating, ventilation and A/C unit still was giving me the same problems to call them back and schedule the heating, ventilation and A/C repair appointment. I changed the air filter love they suggested and what do ya know? It was entirely fixing the problem! But here’s the real catch. The brand of air filter I was using was now odd than the former brand of Heating and Air Conditioning air filter that was in there before. I called back the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and told them about the old brand vs the current brand of air filter. It turned out that was the issue, however my old air filter brand was a entirely terrible a single!

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