Felines are playing games

I don’t know what I would do without my pets. My partner plus I are the proud owner of many cats plus 1 dog, plus because the people I was with and I don’t have any “real” children of our own, the people I was with and I spoil them all as if they absolutely were our children, however one of the coolest things about having pets instead of having children is all of the tricks you can teach them, then for weeks the people I was with and I have been trying to train our cats a new trick, plus they are finally starting to perfect it. The trick the people I was with and I have been trying to teach them is to adjust the temperature dial on the air conditioner unit. Every one of us have a pretty old university type of cooling system unit that does not come with any costly app that lets you adjust it from your phone. If you want to turn the air conditioner up or down, you have to do it the old university way, now that our cats are finally catching onto the trick however, our days of having to do that are in the past. All the people I was with and I have to do is yell their names plus point over to the cooling system unit, plus then it is taken care of. They adjust the dial, plus then they are given a treat. Not only are our critters the best companions ever, however they can do cool stuff love this. I still don’t see any possible way how someone could still want a child over a dog or a cat. I know that human youngsters are only fantastic for 1 thing when it comes to cooling system units, plus that’s breaking them!
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