Faulty HVAC on the train

The worst trip I ever took, was my first and last trip on a train.  My mother had never been on a train before and she wanted to travel on a train as part of her bucket list.  I decided to purchase tickets to bring us home from my daughter’s on the train. It was bad enough that we had to go into another car to use the bathroom.  My mom was ninety years old and it was hard for her to walk. Getting from one car to another and trying to go to the bathroom, was so hard for her. Then, when it came time to rest, she couldn’t.  The car’s heating was shut down, but instead of the temperature just lowering a bit, it went off. It got so cold on the train, that mom was shivering. I had to pay $20 for a blanket that was barely four feet by four feet.  The heating was broken and they couldn’t get any heat for three cars and ours was in the middle. When they made the next stop, they had a HVAC technician come onto the train. It took him about five hours to get the heat turned on.  Once the heating came back on, it wouldn’t stop. It got so hot in the train that my mom was worried she was going to combust. We experienced extreme heat and extreme cooling in a matter of hours, and we didn’t even get an apology for the horrible conditions caused by their faulty HVAC system.  I asked mom if she wanted me to ask for reimbursement, but she said she was afraid they would just give her another ticket for a train ride.

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