Faulty Gas

For decades, people have been using gas furnaces to provide a reliable heating source for their homes. But did you know that gas furnaces have been using basically the exact same technology for all of those years? Sure, they might become more efficient and they may improve from year to year, but actually the forced air system that most gas furnaces use remains basically unchanged for the most part. Most gas furnaces that use this forced air system are a lot like air conditioning systems. This is the reason that your heating and cooling systems are able to use the same air ducts in your home. You don’t really have to have separate heating vents and air conditioning vents, in other words. But unfortunately, when one part of your heating system fails, the other parts won’t work either. They build upon each other. A lot of times, if there is an issue with your heating system, your furnace will shut completely off since the gas that is used for heating might cause a hazard. Gas can leak out of a compromised furnace unit and cause all kinds of hazards and problems in your home. So it’s good to know how your gas furnace works and what to look for to make sure that there are no issues with it, especially during the cold winter months when you’re using it much more often. Every year, you hear of someone’s home exploding because of a faulty gas line or a defective gas heating system! And you definitely don’t want that to be you!

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