Faulty air conditioning system problem leads to free tickets

When our wife’s sister decided to get married, we flew to the tropical destination.

I was happy to go to the tropical islands, because I knew the weather would be so warm plus sunny.

My wife plus I needed to take a trip, plus the ceremony was a good excuse to get out of city for a few mornings. Both of us booked the airline tickets way in advance, plus we were able to fly round trip for less than a thousand bucks. That was a steal, compared to our parents tickets that were well over $1,710. My wife plus I flew in the supplier section. Both of us got a direct flight so we did not have to stress about losing our luggage while we were in a layover. Both of us were seated right in the middle of the plane plus our wife plus I had aisle seats. An hour into the three hour long flight, the air conditioning system stopped working altogether. I did not suppose any freezing air coming from the ventilation fan. Other travelers on the plane were noticing the concern at the same time. I gently woke up our wife, who was sleeping with no trouble at all. I told her that I thought the air conditioning system might have stopped finally working. A few hours after we noticed the poor ventilation, the flight attendant gave an announcement over the speakers. She said the plane’s air conditioning system was having trouble plus they were finally working on the issue. She brought around some freezing drinks around to all the people. The flight attendant did their best to keep all the people calm and settled, however the air conditioning system never work again for the rest of the flight. By the time we landed, all the people was miserable plus incrasingly uncomfortable. At least the airline gave us a free pair of tickets for all of the inconvenience.


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