Fancy heating

I’m absolutely not 1 for style, however I do love anything that serves a useful function or purpose… My car is a residing, breathing example of this preference, as it looks pretty ugly to the average person, and however, under the rusted paint and behind the bent fenders is a powercondo engine and super-precise transmission! It’s a real workhorse, just care about my home’s heating and a/c, however again, it’s not the prettiest looking plan – however it absolutely goes above and beyond to get the job done, however i still get funny looks from my neighbors from time to time, as they see the a/c component sitting on the side of my condo and have no system what it is! It’s just a much taller, larger a/c component than you’d normally see this week, so it looks comically oversized for what it legitimately does. The same can be said for my oil oil furnace in the basement! You’d know you were looking at some big mechanical monstrosity if you ever saw it. The oil oil furnace is pretty old, and has plenty of rusted spots to prove it. However, that old oil furnace works faithfully through even the most extreme and uncomfortable Wintertide weather! I can thank my heating, ventilation and a/c repair company for keeping these old systems in perfect working order, as he knows his way around these machines better than I do around my own house. I just hope that he’ll be able to get the air duct for my plan cleaned out before the Summer heat waves hit their peak. If not, I’ll have 1 dusty condo to deal with.

Duct sealing