Family Cabin Gets Long Awaited Heating and Cooling Upgrade

I have long had a beautiful little cabin up in the hills.

The environment is a far different animal than the one we live in on a daily basis.

The cabin has been passed down from my Grandfather. It is quite primitive with very little in the way of amenities. I’ve kept it primarily for my children and extended family. There is no real heating and cooling system to speak of in the cabin. It has a wood stove for heat in the winter and it gets the job done. However, there is just no viable cooling mechanism. My children are older now so, we spend as much time up there as possible. The more and more time we spend at the cabin, the more I see the need for some sort of proper HVAC. I hate window A/C units because they are ineffective and loud. But, I have found a solid alternative. A mini split HVAC system looks as though it will suit us just fine. The system is ductless and connects to a condenser through a hole in an exterior wall. An air handler is mounted high on that same wall and that is all there is to it. I’ve done my homework by talking with my HVAC pro. After reviewing the schematics with me, he felt certain that my family and I could install the mini split system. This is imperative considering there are no HVAC professionals at the ready where our cabin sits. I have purchased a mini split HVAC system and have readied it for the trip to the cabin. It may take the better part of a weekend to get the new heating and cooling system installed. But, it sure will be worth it on those hot nights during the height of summer.

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