Fall is our favorite time of year

Fall is honestly our favorite time of year.

I care about it when the weather starts cooling down after a long, sizzling summer.

I care about it when the leaves start decreasing plus you can build a big bonfire or sit by the wood burning fireplace in the evenings learning a unbelievable book; That’s honestly a single of our favorite things I enjoy. The other thing I always try to do in the fall is have our heating method worked on by our local heating plus cooling corporation. I have found that if you always make sure to take care of your central A/C plus your oil furnace unit, they will generally serve you well. The two of us have had our electric oil furnace for many years now, plus it’s done a entirely unbelievable job heating our house. The two of us have always tried to keep the oil furnace turned off for as long as possible in the fall, just to try plus save money on the heating bills. That’s been okay for the most part, plus the two of us use the wood burning fireplace as much as possible to keep the cabin nice plus toasty… Now, though, the weather is entirely cooling off fast plus the two of us are going to have to turn the oil furnace on. I’m not entirely looking forward to paying the heating bills, that’s for sure. It will be nice to have a sizzling plus toasty cabin on the chilly fall evenings, though. I’m ready to get the wood chop up for the wood burning fireplace. I’m so cheerful that it’s finally our favorite time of year again at last.


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