Extremely sound-sensitive, sleep

For most of my life I have been extremely unhealthy. I’ve always been rather sickly, exhausted, and generally unwell. No matter what I do in life it seems like I can’t correct the underlying issues that keep me in a state of sickness. Even when I correct my diet, attempt to exercise, and keep up with my mindfulness projects, mom I still find myself in a negative condition. A lot of this is due to my perpetual insomnia. You see, for as long as I can remember I’ve been unable to stay asleep at night, particularly because of my sound sensitivity. I’m not the sort of person who can just lay down and close my eyes without some background noise. Unfortunately, my heating and cooling system is providing the wrong kind of sound for my sleeping conditions. In fact, my air conditioning unit and forced air furnace have been so loud this year but they have consistently woken me from a deep sleep every time the thermostat sets off my air handling devices. Whenever my air quality control equipment kicks into gear it makes the worst banging and moaning sound I’ve ever heard. It sounds like I’m on a sinking ship as my high-quality indoor air starts blowing through every air vent. In the middle of the night, this HVAC disturbance has the effect of rousing me awake. I’ll lie there for hours as the heating and cooling equipment turns on and off. I can basically predict the schedule of the air conditioning unit or forced air furnace operating. In the morning, the last thing I want to do is to tackle a professional heating, cooling, and air quality control appointment. I’m just too tired to deal with it, thanks to my HVAC system.


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