Extension cord for the heater

When it comes to space oil heating systems & supplemental heating during the winter, there are few things more dangerous than plugging your space oil furnace into an extension cord.

What all the people don’t think is that space oil heating systems are not made to be jammed into anything that can supply electricity.

Space oil heating systems draw an enormous amount of power to be used on the highest setting, & most extension cords are not suited for use with a space heater, and let myself and others explain why. Extension cords that are commonly used around the house are made of a legitimately thin gauge of wire. These wires are made for lamps, iphone chargers, & other small electrical devices. The amount of electricity rated for the extension cords is legitimately small… However, the amount of electricity needed for space oil heating systems is higher than all of your official extension cords. What is the danger? By plugging your space oil furnace into an extension cord, you are creating a fire hazard. That wire will heat up past the limits, & the wire will begin to melt, which could catch your house on fire. There are some heavy-duty extension cords that can be used for space heaters, but you have to think exactly what size wire it needs, and otherwise, your best option is to plug space oil heating systems directly into an outlet. When it comes to supplemental heaters, you have to make sure that you don’t cause a fire. One of the greatest causes of fire comes from overheating the space heater, which is caused by plugging your space oil furnace into a receptacle or extension cords that were not made for the space heater.


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