Evidently, we are not alone in our new home

My wife and I searched for a long time to find a nice home to purchase.

We ended up finding this very charming up that needed a little work, but the price was right.

As a matter of fact, it was so cheap, we couldn’t understand the reason for it. Eventually after we moved in we knew we had to make some upgrades. We upgraded the HVAC system first thing because the old HVAC was entirely shot. Because we got the home so cheap, it was easy to have this done. The problem is that when we upgraded the heating and cooling system, weird things started happening in the home. Even our neighbors talked to us about how they thought our home must have been haunted. I did a bunch of studying on the history of the area and I learned that one of the former owners of the property had hung himself out in the barn. I guess that his spirit was still occupying the property and the spirit must not have been too thrilled about us upgrading the HVAC system. I have read that spirits don’t like any changes to their property even though they are not living anymore. My wife thinks it’s all in my head, but I think even she has seen some mysterious things happening in the home that she can’t explain. I think she just wants to live in denial of there possibly being a ghost in our property, while I want to have an exorcism for the home or something of that nature. I just want to live in my home in peace without having to worry about some presence.



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