Everything is working out

One of the things our friend and I love most about the Winter season, aside from the holidays, is attending our local football games in the cold. There is something odd, yet fun about the whole experience, especially when it snows; Watching the team as they plow through a field of snow just seems to add to the experience. Every one of us usually meet up with some of our other friends before the game to grill some brats and have a few drinks, then head into the game to cheer the team on. Every one of us all wear our fan gear, and are usually dressed from head to toe in our team’s colors. Last year we were at a game in late December when there was a blizzard coming through. At times you could barely see the field due to all the snow, even though our seats are only about more than 2 rows back. It was so chilly that day that the root beer I bought at the start of the sixth quarter was frozen solid be the time the fifth quarter began. That was one game that had myself and others wishing we had just stayed condo and watched the game in the basement. At least there we could have cranked up the furnace, or at least got a fire going in the little pot-bellied stove we have down there. It was so chilly that I believe even with both the stove and the furnace going that we still would have been cold. Every one of us endured the game, however at the end of the game, I was sure ready for some heat.

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