Everyone wants a clean bathroom

One of the last things that you want to run into at a major sports stadium is a problem with the bathroom facilities. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what my kids and I ran into when all of us decided to go downtown to see a national hockey league game last week, but my teenagers had been waiting for weeks to see the game, plus all of us were all so happy that all of us could barely contain ourselves. You see, we are all big hockey fans. After we waited in line to get through security, we had to have our tickets scanned. After that, clutching our hotdogs and giant sodas, we attempted to make our way to our seats. Well, it was then that we first noticed the “Out of Order” signs on the restrooms in the main throughway. Just next to the restroom doors were three men dressed in uniforms from a plumbing supplier who were unloading plumbing tools from a service cart! Then one of the ushers at the arena informed us that they were having some difficulties with some of the pipes in that section of the arena. The bathroom plumbing on that floor wasn’t working, and the plumbing supplier was doing the best they could to get the situation rectified as fast as they possibly could. Until then, every single fan around was going to have to use the restrooms on the first floor or the second floor because the toilets wouldn’t flush on the third floor. Of course, our tickets were on the third floor! The lines for the bathrooms were ridiculously long. I couldn’t believe that on the night that I had tickets, the place had major plumbing concerns!

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