Everyone likes shopping local

When my parents first decided to retire from their jobs at their toy factory, they weren’t really sure what they wanted to do. They’d been thinking about retiring from their jobs for years, but they really loved our family owned toy company and they were hesitant to leave the family business. When they finally did retired at the age of 66, they both decided that they wanted to move someplace where it was warm and sunny for most of the year. When they did their research into nice, temperature climate areas in the country, they found that they were very much drawn to the area of Tampa Bay, Florida. They ended up looking at houses in Tarpon Springs, Florida, which is a community that’s just outside of the Tampa, Florida area. Tarpon Springs is less commercialized than the greater Tampa area is, and my parents really liked this amazing three story house that they found in Tarpon Springs. They ended up putting in an offer on the house in Tarpon Springs, and the seller took their very first offer! Once they bought the house in Tarpon Springs, they couldn’t get out of the toy business fast enough! They were all set to move down to the Tampa Bay area just as fast as they possibly could. They even sold their cars, along with the house that my siblings and I grew up in. They flew into the Tampa airport and rented a car to drive to their new house in Tarpon Springs. They kept the rental car for a couple of weeks until they could buy a new convertible at a Tampa Bay car dealership, because of course you want a convertible if you live in Florida!