Everyone in here complains

My brother and I have had our own pest control company for about five years this month. But the business has been in the family for decades with all my relatives taking part ownership. I started to get interested in working for their pest control service, when I was still considering college when I was a junior. It didn’t take long to decide that I wanted to do an internship and learn all about the fascinating aspects of the chemicals and the way bugs react to them within the business. I found myself completely intrigued by even having a career, for I was never one for working so much. I took a few school courses on the history of bugs and chemistry, but didn’t think past that choice. After being in the sales industry for numerous years, I was finally able to branch out on my own independent business ventures. Working with my brother with our small corporation that employs a dozen people, I was content. Our family pest control company now has about four maintenance vehicles. Our main trucks has had an air conditioning problem for weeks now that I couldn’t take care of. But, now, my crew has complained about the air conditioning for most of the Spring with summer close behind. We knew we would have to contend with a variety of terribly hot and humid temperatures very soon. I believe it was our last weekly business check-in meeting, when several of the employees voiced their opinions threatening to quit without repairs being done. I knew it was time to maintenance the air conditioning to not lose good workers. Really, I had already planned on taking care of the problem, just not this soon. I was going to surprise the guys by fixing the air conditioning when they were on the three day holiday weekend. I had to tell them the maintenance was planned for the following week as they groaned, but agreed. When they came in on Monday, everyone was so happy to hear that news of repairs. Did hear another complaint from anyone.  When I heard about the air conditioning. I also decided it would be a good idea to be purchasing one brand new work truck to add to our fleet. This meant hiring multiple additional employees, men and women. Our small company is still growing, and my brother and I couldn’t be happier with the progress.

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