Every sort of transportation

I don’t suppose that I will ever be able to stop showering, however it’s been about more than two days now, and I still don’t feel like I’m ready to exit our shower or step foot into the rest of the repulsive world yet. I could really stay in here all day long… and all evening, if I found a way to set myself up firmly enough. I made a huge mistake this week, and I may never stop paying for it, you see, this month I took the bus for the first time, however on any official old afternoon, taking the bus is a pretty bad idea around here. But after that, this month was not just any old day, however the hottest day of the Summer so long, and that means, besides the bus being full of shouting old man and shaking skeleton men, it was full of humid air and human filth. The temperature this month truly reached 100 degrees before the sun had even finished rising… From nearly 10am until 8pm, the heat index was 120 degrees, and the relative humidity was well above 85%, with all of that kept in mind, no one should have gone outside this week. What’s more, not a single person should have stopped showering, gone into public, and inserted their personal sprinkler concept onto public transportation, however as if this stupid, run down bus wasn’t already nasty enough, then you have to pack 30 people and their body heat onto the stupid metal can. I truly really know if the AC was really working at any point on that bus this week, or if there has ever been solid ventilation on that bus ever. All I know is I’ve never been so wet or stinky from sweat before in our lifetime. and it wasn’t even my sweat.