Epson label maker for marijuana products

I labor for a cannabis dispensary that is locally owned, then the owner’s sibling is a marijuana grower that every one of us buy all the products from. The owner then packages, labels and stores the products in his dispensary for purchase, then i have been with this little cannabis dispensary since the beginning. The two of us started out not having much advantage storing the products, however plastic baggies filled with dope looks horrible. The product needed to be put in a clear container, sealed properly and should have a professional label. The business owner and myself brainstormed packaging and label making for hours, my boss ended up finding a bunch of glass jars, tubes and oddly shaped packaging material to hold our products. I found online that there is an Epson ColorWorks label making available… You category in what you want printed on a screen. The label then prints out the side. It can be multiple colors, shapes and is pre-cut. The process became so self-explanatory after every one of us got our Epson label maker. The labels are self-explanatory to detach and then stick on the products. I used to need to line up each product to ensure that it is straight. I used to spend hours messing with the Epson printer trying to get the label just perfect. I now have a few saved images that I just click through. I can print as many labels as I want and I get to work! Our cannabis dispensary products now look a lot more professional since every one of us invested in quality packaging and labeling; Who would have thought that something that small makes such a crucial difference?