Ecologically-minded vacations

Have you heard about this new trend called eco-friendly vacations? This is something I never heard of until recently, and let me tell you, I just don’t think that is something that interests me. It all started when I asked my friend in another country which beach I should go to for vacation. He told me that there is this fantastic new resort that offers eco-friendly vacations. You know what that means? No air conditioning after 6:00 pm! Can you imagine going to a tropical beach area and not being able to use the a/c while sleeping? I cannot even fathom ever doing that. The best part of vacation, to me, is being able to use the HVAC at the hotel with no extra cost. I mean, it is so luxurious to run the heater set on 80 if you want, or the a/c thermostat set on 65 if you want! I have always done that at hotels, and although I love the planet, not even having the option to turn on the air conditioner in July is just plain ridiculous. I am sure that people in other countries do not use the HVAC as much as we do here, but even still, they must use it sometimes! I know I could use the 3 pool or swim at the beach or take a cool shower, but that’s just not enough. That kind of roughing it just is not what I want when I am trying to get away from my crappy job. I admire those who are willing to do without things like a/c to be better for the environment, but during vacation is just not the time.

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