Dying HVAC unit

My wife said she had some news for me when I came home from work the other day. Having to prepare myself for what I was about to hear, I immediately went to the worst case scenario in my head. After a deep breath, she said our Heating and Air Conditioning system was dead. I just looked at her and said, “okay?” She was glad I took it well, as she continued to tell me, “This is good news, really!” I couldn’t see how, because it didn’t sink in for me how bad the situation was. Still, I listened to her suggestion to fix the problem. She went on to tell me all about how all of us needed a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system anyway, and now we had the opportunity to handle it! The energy bills would be much lower with a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system, which was something to cheer about. Hearing her out made me realize she was right, as I was becoming easily concerned about our heating and cooling bills over the years since the bills just kept getting worse with each year. There were telltale signs of the Heating plus Air Conditioning system being on its figurative deathbed, but I ignored them like a fool. When I asked her what sort of Heating plus Air Conditioning system she was interested in getting, she said, “Do you easily have to ask?” I already knew what she wanted, since I recalled talking to her about having radiant floors installed. I never took the hint until now!

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