Dust and debris in the HVAC

My mother has this weird sense of humor and she can often find something humorous about any situation.  Being stranded along the road, in sub freezing temps, became her laughable story of the week, just the other day.  She showed sympathy for the family of mice who was ousted so rudely. She even had sympathy for her fellow bus mates.  Ever since she has joined the senior citizens group, she finds even more to laugh at. She loves going on these ‘field’ trips with her group.  They have gone to plays and even gone on shopping trips. They were on their home from the city about a week ago when they had to stand on the side of the road until the new bus arrived.  They could not stay inside the bus because of the possibly toxic fumes coming from the air vent in the back of the bus. My mother has always been the one who would do something to attract attention.  She was trying to pull the air vent out to see if there was any blockage, when she couldn’t get any heating coming from the air vent. After asking the driver to turn on the heating and hearing him shout that it was on, she took it into her own hands.  Unfortunately, when she opened the air vent, she let loose a family of mice. As they scattered about the bus, she was pulling out burnt insulation with her tweezers. When the heating finally made it through the blockage, all you could smell was mouse dirt.  The dust and fumes spread throughout the bus. She apologized as she held her nose and stepped off the bus.

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