Ductwork cleaning for the first time in years

My family and I have been living in this house for about a decade now. It’s hard to believe how quickly the last ten years have flown by, but I’ve made the most of each passing day here. While I’ve been busy making memories with my loving family, I’ve also been working to improve different appliances as well as fixtures. Still, one part of my house has been neglected for long enough, and now needs some TLC – that of course would be my heating and air conditioning system. In the past ten years, I’ve never had the ductwork of the house properly cleansed by an HVAC service technician. I’ve heard from friends that they’ll get their ductwork cleaned out twice a year on average, and in the conversation I always say that I’m on top of my cleanings, too! Thankfully these friends don’t get to drop by often, or else they’d know I was stretching the truth. Anyway, I’ve reached out to my local HVAC service company, and requested a thorough ductwork cleaning for my home. I’m sure the technician that comes out to my home will scold me about the layers upon layers of dirt, dust, dead bugs and who knows what else that gets pulled out of the ductwork, but it needs to be done! Our air quality has been especially poor lately, so hopefully the technician will also get to the bottom of what’s causing that as well. If not, I’ll just have to set up a follow-up appointment with the HVAC service company and do whatever must be done!