Ductless HVAC is cool

Last summer, my wife and I went to the beach for 3 days. We stayed in a small Campground, right on the water. We had the best view of the sunset at night. We saw pretty colors of orange, yellow, and red. The campground had a lot of wonderful amenities, like a pool, boat dock, and canoe rentals.  My wife and I thought about taking our RV, but the drive was 5 hours. We would have spent a great deal of money on gas. We decided to rent a small cabin by the water instead. The cabin was more like a tiny mobile home. There was a small living room and kitchen combination, a single bathroom and shower, and a bedroom. There was a ductless HVAC unit in the bedroom and the living room. I’ve never seen a ductless HVAC unit before, but it was very cool. Because the small building has no ductwork, these ductless HVAC units are a great addition. The ductless HVAC unit looked like a heater on the side of the wall. The air vents were located on the bottom of the machine. My wife and I could move them in different directions, and there was a remote control for the fan and temperature settings. The ductless HVAC unit worked really great, and we didn’t even have to set them lower than 72 degrees. It was nice and chilly inside of the cabin. We had a great time on our vacation, and we will probably go stay there again sometime next summer. I’ll be sure to make the reservations ahead of time, so we can stay in the same cabin.

ductless mini split