Ductless cooling for the big house

There is just something about growing up in a huge family that most people just won’t understand! Back when I was a little kid, the whole of us had to share everything! If you can name it, my sisters and I had to share it–all the way from clothes, to video games, to backpacks… Whenever I see my friends’ little girls walking around with their own smartphone or gameboy, I feel a bit jealous that I couldn’t do that when I was a kid… Growing up in our parents lake house, the worst time for sharing was while we were in the middle of summer. My massive family and I all lived in a pretty broken down lake home in the middle of the country, so cool air was strenuous to come by. All the lot of us had to keep us moderate was this super small air conditioning system that was only strong enough to cool about half of a room. Due to the fact that there were 9 of us, it didn’t work absolutely well. To deal with the lack of air conditioning system, both of us would do crazy things. We made rope swings into the lake, but then it would storm and we’d be stuck inside, dealing with hot, sticky air. My sisters and I asked our parents if they would call over a nearby heating and A/C service provider to come save us from our suffering. They always said that the lack of air conditioning system would make us tougher when us little girls grew into women! Now that I am in my thirties, I can tell you that was all a lie! If anything, it made myself and my sisters more like babies whenever we are someplace without strong plus cold air conditioner!