Don’t neglect your indoor air

It’s a tough thing to work non stop.   I slave away to afford a Summer home in the south. Maybe, for some people, it’s not as tough to get to save up the money.  I don’t have a seven-figure salary, however. I own a handful of dealerships that started out as an auto shop twenty years ago.  It’s been a continuous battle to turn a profit the entire time. I am happy with what I do and am proud of the success I’ve earned.   However, it’s been pure hard work to build up the business, and I would call it a smart investment. I now have a little Summer cottage down south where my wife, Melody and I can  escape the freezing cold winters that we deal with up north. I’m fortunate to be able to move back and forth. I shouldn’t complain about the little issues, but I have had a problem just lately that has been a huge annoyance. The area where our Summer home experiences shifts in the ground and sinkholes from time to time. There are never any scary earthquakes, but sometimes we’ll feel e little tremors here and there. One of these must have altered the foundation of our home just enough to cause a crack in the foundation. I have a radon gas detector in the basement and it was beeping when Melody and I arrived. I then paid to have a professional radon gas removal company come and take care of the leak and vent the house. It was time consuming but  I’m relieved the problem is solved.

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