Dog is full of mud

I don’t know what my wife and I were thinking, when we decided to get a new puppy in the middle of winter. It’s impossible to train a puppy, when there is mud and slush everywhere outside. I don’t want to walk outside, and I don’t blame the puppy for peeing on the floor. The few times that the puppy has gone outside, she has come in the house covered in mud and salt. We constantly have to Salt the driveway, because the ice builds up quickly. When the puppy comes into the house, she is always covered in mud and other driveway debris. The only remedy is a bath. Unfortunately, it’s really chilly in the house. Even though we have the heater running, the bathroom is always a little colder than the rest of the house. The bathroom is the only place with a tub, and that’s where I give the puppy a bath. The last few times, the puppy has been shivering. Luckily, I have a small space heater in the bathroom. Since it’s always cold, we keep a space heater for baths and showers. I plug in the space heater and close the bathroom door. In a couple of minutes, the whole bathroom is warm and cozy. The puppy can stop shivering and relax. I use the hair dryer to dry the last of her wet fur. When spring is finally here, the puppy will be happy to run, jump, and play outdoors. I think it will be easier on me too, because she won’t have as much pent up energy.

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