Doesn’t make sense to worry about duct cleaning, I don’t use them

Sometimes I get really tired of my mom barking down my throat.

I feel like she was a helicopter mom when I was growing up and things have not changed.

The older I get, the more she seems to insert herself into my life and try to control everything that I do. Of course, nothing that I do is ever good enough. She always has recommendations for the ways that I can improve myself and my approach to everything in the world. This is extremely exhausting for me as well as frustrating. Recently, she wouldn’t even listen to me when I tried to convince her my central heating, cooling, and air quality control system is absolutely fine without a professional indoor air temperature control diagnostic appointment. She wouldn’t listen to me as I repeatedly told her that my HVAC system is in perfect shape. It doesn’t require the professional attention of an air quality control specialist. I don’t need any maintenance services on my air conditioning unit or furnace right now. I’m really not on the market for any new HVAC upgrades or cleaning services. However, she was convinced that my air ducts needed to be cleaned at the very least. When I woke up one morning and a professional HVAC technician was standing on my doorstep I knew that it was because of my mom. Little does she know, I’m not just denying this HVAC maintenance service. I literally don’t need my duct work cleaned because I do not use my central HVAC system. If she ever actually listened to me, she would know that I switched to mini-split ductless heating and cooling systems at least a year ago.

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