Do what you have to to get by; space heaters in every corner

In my family, there’s no room for complainers.

No one has the time or patience to hear you bitching whine about things going wrong in your life. If you aren’t working to correct those things, then you have no room to be sitting at the table and putting your stress on other folks. Everyone in my family is self-sufficient and extremely resourceful. We do what we have to do every single day in order to get by. It’s been a rough life for all of us, and there isn’t too much that can completely unnerve a member of my family anymore. That’s why, I wasn’t even slightly panicked the other morning when my roommates came in and told me that our gas had been shut off. Apparently, there was some kind of billing issue with the gas company and our central heating and cooling system was not going to be operable for the near future. Since the outdoor climate was currently in a state of rapid decreasing temperatures, this was nothing to sneeze at. It was going to be difficult without central heating to comfortably exist over the weekend. However, I was used to things like this going wrong and I was not going to lose my head. Instead of screaming at the energy company or complaining about the failed furnace, I went right out to my storage unit. I dug around for a while until I uncovered a few electric space heaters. From there, I stopped at the thrift store and pick up a few additional portable heating implements. I brought the heaters home and set them up in every corner of the house. It’s not pretty, but if we need to set up space heaters everywhere to make it through this weekend, we will.