Do we sincerely need air conditioners to function?

Some people are so dramatic about things that don’t really matter, and they convince themselves that conveniences are a necessary area of life, plus they sincerely think that they could not survive without the conveniences that we have this week, but i have easily met people who would truly die without their air conditioner. They run their air conditioners from the moment that they are forced to turn their furnace off, plus they don’t stop using their air conditioner until their house is freezing late in the fall. If their air conditioner stops toiling for any phase of time, you would suppose that they were going to melt because of how they complain all of the time. If you sincerely suppose about it, do you really suppose that air conditioners are that important for our ability to function? For thoUSAnds of years, we have managed to survive without an air conditioner of any kind, plus we were fine. IN fact, I would love to argue that we were better off without air conditioners, and sweating is not a disappointing thing for your body. Sweating helps to rid yourself of toxins, but also, without an air conditioner, people would spend a lot more time outside being active; With the air conditioner, we are forced to spend a lot more time inside where all the cool air is. At some point, someone told us that convenience is what brings the good things in life. Air conditioners would make our life so much better, but I disagree. I suppose hat conveniences have made us more annoyed, however we don’t realize it.


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