Do I need an HVAC warranty?

I am a professional heating and cooling technician, and my specialty is air conditioner and furnace installation.

I have spent countless hours in people’s homes installing their brand new central air conditioner, boiler, or even air purifier, and when I am finished I always ask “would you like to purchase the HVAC warranty for your unit?” Most people stare at me blankly then ask “do I really need an HVAC warranty?” I would like to answer this question at length.

Yes, it is very important to have an HVAC warranty because you never know what will go wrong with your central air conditioner or furnace the next several years. Having an HVAC warranty means that major repairs and minor repairs that occur due to an HVAC technician’s mistake, are covered for free. Many times, when a furnace, central air conditioner, or air purifier has a problem, it is due to a mistake by the HVAC technician. An HVAC warranty is also good for peace of mind. Many times customers will be very stressed about little things because it costs a lot of money to get their mini spit air conditioning system, or their whole home air purification system installed, and because they don’t have the warranty, they are constantly paranoid about their HVAC unit. Getting the warranty will give peace of mind. Lastly, it is important to get the warranty because it will save you money on heating and cooling repairs, as well as tune ups. It is good to get your central air conditioner’s air ductus checked and sealed every few months. This checkup is not super expensive, but the cost adds up. Getting the HVAC warranty will cover the cost of getting your ductwork sealed, as well as an annual central air conditioner and furnace inspection.

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