Discomfort when pregnant

I was very healthy & energetic during the first numerous weeks of our pregnancy.

I had no issue with day sickness or unusual cravings.

I had no discomfort until the outside weather suddenly warmed up. The heat & humidity was honestly excruciating. I couldn’t sleep at evening, was constantly tepid & suffered from terrible migraines. Although the people I was with and I live in the northern section of the country, where the summer time seasons are officially brief, I wanted to install central a/c… My husband proposed a smaller investment into a portable window a/c system. I argued that this would allow me to be comfortable in only one room of the house, and plus, window a/c systems look ugly & are frustrating to install & detach with the change of seasons. I went ahead & called a professional Heating plus A/C company for help… Since our home is equipped with a boiler furnace, there is no simple way to replace to central cooling. All of us don’t have conventional air duct & supply vents. The Heating plus A/C company recommended a ductless multi-break system. In this category of system, a single outdoor compressor links to numerous indoor air handlers that mount up high on the wall, because each air handler includes its own temperature control, settings are able to be customized to the particular space. All of us only need to air condition the rooms the people I was with and I are currently using. Since the temperature controls for the air handlers are linked to an app on our smartphone, operation is super simple & convenient. Plus, the ductless plan is actually a heat pump & provides both heating & cooling capacity. It keeps me nice & cool in the summer time & will help with heating in the winter. The plan is appealingly energy efficient, which also trims costs.


Steam boiler